iPhone 8: muted reaction and small queues lead to questions over demand

Apple’s star might be shining a little less brightly with the iPhone 8, which is overshadowed by impending release of the £999 iPhone XAs the iPhone 8 goes on sale, questions remain over the demand for Apple’s latest offering following smaller crowds outside stores and a muted customer reaction.The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, two of the three new iPhones in Apple’s 2017 lineup, went on sale around the world, starting in Australia where hundreds of people have usually gathered outside Apple’s Sydney city store for previous launches. But instead of queues winding down the street there were few read more



The day I photographed the Queen and her dogs at Balmoral

It’s 1967, and a terrified young American photographer is commissioned to shoot our monarch at homeI was a fledgling photographer, just starting out in London in 1967. The Observer called and asked me if I’d like to shoot the Queen. The thought of it really scared the pants off me, so I said: “I don’t think I can.” I’m not going to tell you what my wife said to me when I told her.So I had second thoughts and I phoned them back. They said: “We want to show people that the Queen is a real living person, that she can do everyday things.”They said, 'We want to show people that the read more




VR is no match for the empathetic generation | Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

Pioneers of virtual reality are enabling us to experience everything from childbirth to sexism. But for the ‘hyperempathetic’ there’s nothing you can teach us about each other’s feelingsThis weekend an art show in support of End Violence Against Women (EVAW), a charity dedicated to doing what it says on the tin, is providing a virtual reality (VR) experience: stepping into the shoes of women experiencing sexism and street harassment. The idea is to “give men and women a visceral understanding of what it is really like to be attacked in the street or on public transport just because y read more

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