The Uber driver trying to support his family: ‘We are not earning enough’

Abdurzak Hadi, whose 10-year-old son has leukaemia, is struggling to make ends meet but feels he has nowhere else to goAbdurzak Hadi has worked as a minicab driver for 10 years and as an Uber driver in London for nearly three. He came to the UK as a child refugee from Somalia in 1992 and now has a young family but is struggling to support them. Related: Uber is treating its drivers as sweated labour, says report Continue reading... read more






Can virtual reality help women cope with childbirth?

Erin Martucci is believe to be the first woman to use a virtual reality headset to manage her pain during labor, and doctors hope more will followErin Martucci had been enjoying the beach vista and gazing at a flock of birds overhead when something shook her view. The voice of Ralph Anderson, her gynecologist, broke through the sound of the waterfall next to her. “We’re ready to push!” he said, gently taking Martucci’s virtual reality headset off and bringing her back to a hospital room at Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, New York. Martucci, 40, looked around at her husban read more

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