The apps that put public services in citizens’ pockets

IF LANDING in soggy Britain after a holiday in the sun is not enough to sap the soul, spending an hour queuing at border control does the trick. Eyn, a British startup, hopes to speed things up with a phone app. Passengers use the app to take a picture of their passport, then scan the chip which contains their facial biometrics. Finally, they take a selfie, to ensure the two faces align. Tapping their phone on electronic gates at the airport is then all that’s required. Eyn reckons such gates might not even be needed, if sensors prove capable of reading passengers’ faces instead. The read more



Queen Elizabeth is a huge Cliff Richard fan

Take That singer Gary Barlow has revealed that the Queen personally requested Sir Cliff starred at the celebrations, and that the veteran performer was overcome with emotion when Gary relayed the story to him. read more




Tumblr says Russia used it for fake news during 2016 election

Site unmasks 84 accounts used by 13 people linked to Russia’s ‘troll farm’, the Internet Research Agency, and says law enforcement has been notifiedThe blogging platform Tumblr has unmasked 84 accounts that it says were used by a shadowy Russian internet group to spread disinformation during the 2016 US election campaign.Tumblr said it uncovered the scheme in late 2017, helping an investigation that led to the indictment in February of 13 individuals linked to the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (IRA). Continue reading... read more

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