Windrush Hotline Has Left Callers Feeling ‘Afraid And Upset’, MP Claims

Users of a special hotline set up to help Windrush generation Britons have been left feeling “very upset and afraid”, an MP has claimed, as questions mount over whether the service is failing to help people who are anxious about their citizenship status. Gill Furniss said the line was “failing to deliver” on its mission to help people who came to the UK in the 1950s and 60s from the Commonwealth, some of whom are now being denied access to state healthcare, housing and have lost their jobs. The Labour MP said her office had taken at least two Windrush immigr read more


Alfie Evans’ father offers olive branch to hospital staff

After intense legal battle over life support, family offers to work with medical team on palliative care planThe father of 23-month-old Alfie Evans, who is at the centre of a life-support treatment battle, has said he wants to build bridges with hospital staff. Making a statement outside Alder Hey hospital where his son is being treated, Tom Evans thanked staff “for their dignity and professionalism” and acknowledged the legal battle must have been an “incredibly difficult time” for them. Continue reading… read more



The EU’s top judges take on Poland

JUDGES in Europe have often been able to get to the parts that governments cannot reach. It took rulings by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to give full force to the four freedoms—movement of goods, services, capital and people—that politicians promised but struggled to deliver. Now, as the EU clashes with governments that undermine the rule of law, the ECJ may be about to help again. Two cases explain why. The first, brought by a body that represents Portuguese judges, argued that pay cuts imposed on its members during a euro-zone bail-out undermined the rule of law. In F read more



Memo to TSB: try turning it off and on again | Brief letters

Family planning | Exam-hall clocks | Internet banking | Chess | Hank Williams | Royal birthIt was good to see the difficult topic of population being presented so clearly (The briefing, 23 April), when it is so often avoided. Not only is Trump’s global gag rule reducing access to contraception worldwide, but the UK government’s cuts to local authorities are causing closures and reductions in service for many family planning and sexual health services in England and Wales. It is difficult to think of anything more profligate than cutting something that saves so much money further down read more

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