‘Nobody has one button’: Steve Jobs opera sings Apple founder’s praises – and flaws

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, which premieres at the Sante Fe Opera this weekend, dramatizes Jobs’s life in a unique way. We spoke with one of its co-creators to find out how the idea was bornWhen San Francisco bay area-based composer and electronic music DJ Mason Bates recently visited the childhood home of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Jobs, he was in awe. “It all started in that garage,” Bates said in a hushed, reverent voice, as we pulled up in the composer’s 1970s Alfa Romeo outside the nondescript bungalow at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos. Located on an un-trafficked suburb read more


John Heard obituary

US stage and screen actor best known for Cutter’s Way, Home Alone and DeceivedJohn Heard, who has died aged 71, was an engaging, intelligent character actor in American film, television and theatre from the mid-1970s onwards. In Big (1988), his slyly funny turn as a resentful executive provided a welcome antidote to the sweetness of a comedy about a boy transformed overnight into a man.In the smash hit Home Alone (1990), he mistakenly leaves behind his son while taking the rest of his family on holiday, contriving to repeat the oversight in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992). He was Goldi read more


Diana documentary reveals William and Harry regret ‘rushed’ last call

Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry speak out about coping with grief and loss after the death of their mother 20 years agoThe Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have revealed deep remorse that their last conversation with their mother was a brief phone call that they cut short because they were too busy playing with their cousins. Continue reading... read more




Drones will have to be registered in UK safety clampdown

Owners will need to show they understand safety and privacy laws as government acts after dozens of near-misses with aircraftDrones will have to be registered and users forced to take a safety awareness test under new regulations announced by the UK government.Dozens of near-misses with aircraft around airports have stoked fears over the safety of drone use. Continue reading... read more

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