Raising the drawbridge

HOSTILITY to immigration was a key driver of Britons’ vote on June 23rd to leave the EU. Theresa May has duly said that freedom of movement from the EU cannot continue as before. Yet curbing migration will be both tricky and costly. It is numbers that cause the most trouble. In both 2010 and 2015 the Tories said they would cut annual net immigration to the tens of thousands. Yet the figure for 2015, published before the referendum, was 333,000, almost half of it from the EU. Such high EU immigration is relatively new, caused in large part by the accession of ten eastern European co read more

Driving away the shadows

ANJEM CHOUDARY had long, and skilfully, avoided the British criminal-justice system. Yet on August 16th the press was allowed to report...




Do restrictive asylum and visa policies increase irregular migration into Europe?

This article investigates the extent to which restrictive asylum and visa policies trigger an unintended behavioural response of potential and rejected asylum seekers. Based on our analysis of bilateral asylum and visa policies on migrant flows to 29 European states in the 2000s, we find evidence of a significant deflection into irregularity at work. Our estimates suggest that a 10% increase in asylum rejections raises the number of irregular migrants by on average 2% to 4%, and similarly, a 10% increase in short-stay visa rejections leads to a 4% to 7% increase in irregular border entries. We read more

Czech-Hungarian call for EU army

The leaders of the Czech Republic and Hungary say a "joint European army" is needed to bolster security in the EU....



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