US job creation beats forecasts, as trade war with China begins – as it happened

All the day’s economic and financial news, as Washington and Beijing impose 25% tariffs on billions of dollars of each other’s exportsSummary: Trade war breaks out213,000 jobs created in America last monthJob creation strong, but wage growth weakEarlier:Introduction: US fires first bullet in trade warChina has hit back with retaliatory tariffs 4.54pm BST And finally, here’s our Q&A on the new US-China tariffs, and what it might mean for the global economy. Related: What are trade tariffs and who will they affect? Related: China retaliates with tariffs after US begins trade war Rela read more


Pre-chopped onions aren’t pointless if you can’t hold a knife

It’s easy to question the value and usefulness of products such as frozen omelettes and ‘easy’ garlic, but they can be a lifeline for consumers with disabilitiesThis week, the Office for National Statistics has added ready-made mashed potato to the UK’s official shopping basket, which it uses to measure inflation, and people are up in arms. Who buys a pre-chopped onion that costs three times as much as a whole one? How lazy do you have to be to choose a frozen omelette over a couple of eggs?These kinds of convenience foods are an easy target. But for the 13.3 million people in Britain read more