UK rail fare rise ‘will force key workers to quit city jobs’

Cost of commuting unfairly penalises public sector staff and part-time workers, warns unionPlans to hit rail commuters with the biggest fare rises in five years will force many key workers, including nurses and teaching assistants, to quit their jobs, the biggest public-sector union Unison warned on Saturday.Anger at the 3.6% increase to regulated fares, including commuter fares and season tickets, spilled over last week after it was revealed that the rises would come into effect in January. Continue reading... read more






Experts sound alarm over news websites’ fake news twins

Kremlin supporters suspected to be behind fraudulent articles designed to look like they came from Le Soir and the GuardianFake articles made to look like they have been published by legitimate news websites have emerged as a new avenue for propaganda on the internet, with experts concerned about the increasing sophistication of the latest attempts to spread disinformation.Kremlin supporters are suspected to be behind a collection of fraudulent articles published this year that were mocked up to appear as if they were from al-Jazeera, the Atlantic, Belgian newspaper Le Soir, and the Guardian. read more

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