Visa admits 5m payments failed over a broken switch

IT meltdown affected millions across Europe, but Treasury committee is ‘satisfied’ with company’s responseVisa has admitted that 5.2mtransactions failed during its IT collapse earlier this in June – because a back-up data centre designed to handle all transactions across Europe would not switch on when the problems emerged.The extraordinary service failure on the afternoon of Friday 1 June saw queues build up at petrol stations and shopping left at supermarket tills as customers were unable to pay. Continue reading... read more


23 million face working until they drop

AROUND 23 million people will need to keep working beyond retirement age. The rising cost of living and poor returns on savings means that up to three-quarters of British workers simply cannot afford to retire. Almost half will be over 70 before they can give up work – up from 37 per cent last year. read more




Romelu Lukaku double ensures Belgium stroll to win against Panama

In the end, the gap was too great and reality got in the way. The Panama manager, Hernán Dario “Bolillo” Gómez, had warned there would be four possible outcomes in every game when they reached the World Cup for the first time in history: they could win, they could draw, they could lose, and they could be goleado: roundly defeated.In Sochi, where more than 4,000 fans had travelled 7,200 miles, outnumbering Belgian supporters by four to one – and where the Russians in the stadium were on their side too, Panama resisted for a while, competed too, but succumbed. “Yes we can,” they had read more


Flying cars: why haven’t they taken off yet?

Despite their potential, no one has managed to take them from flight of fancy to everyday reality In 1940, Henry Ford said: “Mark my words – a combination aeroplane and motor car is coming.” With flying taxis apparently on the way, it looks like he was right, but what a wait. Eight decades years later, “dude, where’s my flying car?” is shorthand for any stuff “they” promised us that we haven’t got.We have always wanted to fly, so, as soon as cars came on to the scene, we wanted those to fly too. Early blueprints for the US interstate highway grid even had adjacent runways rea read more

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